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Do you like epic Sword-&-Sorcery-Fantasy?

What can you expect from the Kyle-Saga?

Well, do you love the smell of horses, of leather or the ringing of steel? the thunder of hooves as you galopp through the vast landscapes of a medieval world?


And what about dragons? (and I mean 'real dragons', not oversized lizards or dogs dressed up as dragons)?


Do you love tales about beautiful, yet dangerous ladies and malignant villains? Tales of friendship and foes - and the probably not the best methods to deal with them?


And do you prefer all this in a version for adult readers, which means that there will be no fade-out when blood flows or humans or elves or other species fall to their natural desires of passion and lust?

If you like those things then check out my KYLE-Saga. It is an epic Sword-&-Sorcery-Fantasy written in German (well, with your support we shall bring an English version to the start as well one day) by me, Michael T. Bhatty. You might already know some fantasy or action from me, be it the game SACRED, the German FARCRY- and  RUNES OF MAGIC- novels or maybe even the English AZARYA-tale. If you do you know that there is always the lust for power in my stories, as well as personal hells and the dealing with feelings... before I toss my characters to the next level of peril.

I like to take you to my dark and archaic realm of the KYLE-Saga, let you gaze into the abyss of personal conflicts and desires. The world of Kyle is a world at the turn of times, a world wherein magic has vanished (mostly) and wherein political schemes are mingled with the lust of the flesh.


Thus my Kyle-Saga is cruel and bloody, it is filled with emotions and passion - and with a burning wrath and the search for justice.


Swords and wrath, magic and passion, these elements are the ingredients of a classical sword-&-sorcery-fantasy, something that has always been my passion.

I like to invite you to check out my website to learn more about the Look & Feel of this new 'old' world of mine - and of course about Kyle...


Michael T. Bhatty


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gg The Kyle-Saga as eBooks (in German) at Amazon

During the next years I'll tell the story of Kyle in six fast-paced ebooks.

de KYLE - Im Kreis des Feuers (Book I)
KYLE Cover Book 1

Der junge Kyle ist ein Tagträumer und Tunichtgut, ein Außenseiter und Prügelknabe in der harschen Welt der Leibeigenschaft von Asaanfurth. Doch als ihm ausgerechnet die Krämerstochter Ania das Herz bricht, flieht er in die Hauptstadt Calhuh. Und hier, in einer Welt des Zorns, der Leidenschaft und dunkelster Abgründe, offenbahrt sich schon bald seine wahre Bestimmung...

2014 Michael T. Bhatty's new novel series shall be launched as an ebook at Amazon, starting with the German version. To read this novel in English please check out the support project page and learn more about how to get this novel translated.


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