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Story & World


I'd like to say 'thank you'...

The tale of Kyle, of his love affairs, his friends and foes is part of my life for almost 30 years, the writing of the six novels accompanied me for at least 23 years by now. During this time I did a constant reshaping, added new ideas and discarded others. Trimming and polishing when there was time...

But most importantly, as no story comes to life only by sitting writing at a desk, a lot of friends, family members and readers have supportet me and provided valuable input.


This is your page. Here I'd like to say thank you!

Here you'll find:

- The artists, who interpreted the world with their drawings and paintings.

- Creative Feedback provider and constructive critics.

Thank you.


Michael T. Bhatty



The Artists of the Kyle-Saga


Sandra Püttner is a game designer and concept artist from Munich, Germany. Currently she lives and works in Japan, gathering new impressions and experiences while she works on her KYLE artworks.

"The work for the KYLE-projects was not only fun, it made me proud. Michael T. Bhatty's worlds are now, in this time of censorship, a trailblazer: Mike covers tabu topics withour any fear and uncovers the details in front of the reader."

You'll find the portfolio of Sandra Püttner at



Anca Adelina Finta is a graphic artist and media- and communication designer who won her spurs in the German games industry (Patrizier, SACRED etc.).

Anca about her motivation to illustrate the Kyle-Saga: "People who have gazed to deep into the Abyss develop the special skill to see the sunny side of the world more clearly. Yet something of that Abyss still lingers in them, gives them some sort of mystical fire. And, unlike others, they can't object this special gift.

It is my sincere belief that Michael Bhatty is supposed to do what he does: Implementing parts of his world into the minds of his fellow human beings. He must get rid of those images to prevent being overwhelmed by them. We just can be grateful, if that gift shakes our world only slightly, but we should rejoice that the new light of the morning will shine through those newly created rifts, engulfing us in all those colours of vivid excitement."

You'll find the portfolio of Anca Adelina Finta at



Antje Krüger is an artist covering a great many topics, from drawing to tribal dance.

You'll find the portfolio of Antje Krüger at



Daniel Lieske is an illustrator, concept artist and a graphic novel author. Located in the pictoresque area of north-west Germany he publishes his works for a global community via the web.

"What had inspired me to illustrate the Kyle-Saga? Well, Michael T. Bhatty writes with the passion of a movie maker. His writing is visuell, fast-paced and carries you away. This kind of writing comes directly from his entrails - and right there it will hit his readers as well."

You'll find the portfolio of Daniel Lieske at  



Andreas Adler is a music composer and audio producer for movies and games. His creative collaboration with Michael T. Bhatty started in 2004 during the production of "Tortuga", followed up by "TinCan".

Andreas states about his fascination for the Kyle-Saga: "From the beginning it had been the fusion of mediaval knighhood and the martial-arts-mysticism of the far East, which evoked a feeling of tremendous potential for music composition in me. Texts, imagery and music weave themselves to a web of contrasting motives and themes. I am happy to be a part of this omnimedial concept and curious where this adventurous path shall lead."

You'll find the portfolio of Andreas Adler, Adler Audiopictures, at




Creative Feedback

As the writing of the Kyle-Saga startet around the year 1990 a many people gave me their feedback. This feedback helped me a lot to give the tale the form and shape you can experience soon.

Thank you for your support, for believing in me and for keeping me writing!

Michael T. Bhatty


In particular...

My wife Svenja for... (well, after seven books so far, this still isn't your concern ;-)

Daniel Lieske for years of creative collaboration and a beautiful cover artwork!

Sandra Püttner for her creative energy and inspiration during our artwork-drawing-&-writing-sessions and chinese food.

Anca Adelina Finta for her artworks and long hours of skype-calls, wherein she examined scene by scene and breathed life into the novel with her artworks.

Antje Krüger für artful inspiration and deep insights of the feeling of tribal dance.

Andreas Adler for that music which still gives me goose bumps - and turned Finley into a Highlander-type-of-hero.

Alex & Petra for critism that enhanced the tale.

Marc Hofstee for fan chants since SACRED ('Black Bhatty', 2004).

Janina Peske for an SMS in the middle of the night, telling me that you had tears in your eyes after finishing reading and thus showing me the way.

Anke for her loyalty as a reader of the first hour.

Maria Preuß for deep and moving feedback since my three Runes of Magic novels.

Also, I'd like to thank the real 'Ania', 'Laura' and 'Alexandra' for granting me insights in their dark worlds. I hope you are safe...

The real 'Finley' and 'Rosario' - indeed, with friend like you I don't need foes ;-)




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