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Tell others of this world, because I want to tell you this tale of Kyle!

Support can have many faces and forms. right now, in the beginning, it is important that you tell other people about Kyle.

Please tell others about my project!

If you often visit a fantasy-literature-forum, please tell them about Kyle. Or share this page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


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The Kyle-Saga: More than just a book?

For almost 30 years the story of Kyle and his friends and foes and his love affairs is part of my life. For over 23 years in writing by now. Yet, I held the story back, sometimes due to working issues, because the other projects had a higher priority, then again, because I considered the tale as 'not yet ready for reading'.

Now it is thrilling to realize that it is soon ready to tell. And as a story teller I want to tell you, my dear readers this story - and for that I need your support. Why? Because the vision of Kyle can be so much more than just an ebook in German language. As a matter of fact, there are numereous things I'd like to see in my lifetime and here I'd like to share the ideas.

the Kyle-Saga will be written in German, but I love to see translations of the Kyle-Saga in Englisch, Russian, French, Spanish and even Japanese and many other languages.


Or what would you say if you can hold a traditional and printed The Art of Kyle-Book in your hands?


And of course, as a game designer of action titles it is obvious - what if we can experience this world one day in a Kyle-videogame?


You know, all these things cost a lot of money. There are a great many options, but to do this a translator must be paid as he or she must pay her rent. And artists and musicians must also spent money on food and drink. The usual challenge for artists...

So, if you like what you finde here, please support this project in any way possible.

Thank you very much.

Michael T. Bhatty




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